EzeePD USB-C Power Delivery Board (STUSB4500)

Serobit USB-C Power Delivery board is a compact board that integrates a USB sink controller which helps engineers add USB PD functionality in their project very easily. It is capable of handling 100W power output.

What is so unique about this board?

It packs all the desired features which are needed when you want to add a USB-C Power delivery feature to your product.

  • USB sink controller to negotiate any desired voltage (5V / 9V/12V/15V/20V)
  • USB to UART with the level translator. The developer does not need another board for PC communication interface.
  • It has an IO level translator(1.8V to 5V) on board which makes it very flexible when interfacing a microcontroller operating at different voltages.
  • It also has an onboard 3.3v Dc-Dc converter which can supply up to 1.5A current for other system circuit need. User board donot need power supply if 3.3V is enough.

Where can we use this board?

Anyone who wants to add USB-C Power delivery functionality in their product/project will find this board very useful. Products like USB chargers, power supplies, test equipments, etc.

This board is also helpful if you need to evaluate STUSB4500 USB Power Delivery Controller IC from ST Microelectronics. All IOs are accessible on headers.

Technical Specification

  • Compact Size: 38mm x 38mm
  • USB Type C Connector
  • USB PD Sink Controller (STUSB4500), all IOs are accessible on header
  • USB to UART using Silabs CP2102 (TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS)
  • Onboard Dc-DC Converter for system supply (3.3V @ 1.5A )
  • I2C interface for easy USB PD power profile configuration
  • LED Indications
    • USB Power
    • Power Delivery Output (PD3/PD2/PD1)
    • LED for UART Tx, Rx
  • Level Traslation for UART signals (1.2V to 3.3V)
  • Jumper setting if IOs level needed is 3.3V
  • Reset Button for USB PD chip, Reset signal also available on the header
  • ESD protection for USB interface

Block Diagram

Pinout Details

Open Source Firmware Library

Easy to use the open-source library will be available for USB PD configuration.

Ordering Info

Part Number USB Power Delivery IC
PD-STUSB4500-V1.0 STUSB4500