Embedded Design Services


  • Advice on selecting the right MCU/SoM for a specific requirement, keeping in view key parameters like cost, long term availability, future scalability, support, etc.
  • Advice on system-level critical component selection like TFT Displays, Embedded Cameras, Wireless modules, etc.
  • Expert advice on engineering project execution -How to reduce the development efforts and shorten the time to market of the product.
  • Support in volume manufacturing with vendor development or manufactured boards.
  • Advice on the validation test & functional test plan.
  • Complete ownership of EMI/EMC compliance, testing, and certification.


Embedded Hardware

  • Design complete hardware using MCU/MPU.
  • Design Custom carrier board for SoM.
  • Development of automated test jig hardware.

Embedded Software

  • Firmware development in C for MCU based products
  • Embedded Linux Application development.
  • Embedded Software Migration from Windows/Windows CE to Embedded Linux.
  • Embedded Linux Software Optimization.
  • Development of automated test jig software.