DC DC Buck Converter Modules

BK171515-TH Series


Technical Spec

  • Compact Size: 25.4 x 20 mm
  • Input voltage: 7 to 15V DC
  • Output voltage: 3.3V / 5.0V ( depending on the variant)
  • Efficiency: >93% @ 7V Input | >91% @ 15V input @1.5A load
  • High efficiency light load condition.
  • No Load Current: ~500uA
  • Power output: 7.5W Max.
  • Operating Frequency: ~600Khz
  • Output short circuit and thermal shutdown protection inbuilt.
  • Input Voltage Ripple: <200mV
  • Output Voltage Ripple: <60mv
  • Operating temperature : -40 to 65 Deg C Ambient

Input Voltage RangeOutput VoltageMax. Output CurrentMax. Output Power

NOTE: If you are using the module in a sealed enclosure where natural air cooling is not possible, you may need to use a suitable heatsink.

BK4003-0503-S Series (Coming Soon)

We are developing another DC-DC Module series which can handle voltage upto 40V input with Over Voltage, Reverse Polarity Protection + EMI Filter + LED Indication