With two decades of combined experience in the System on Module (SoM) Industry, we have worked very closely with numerous customers on their product development, which helped us to gain insights on various problems and challenges faced by companies during the phase of their product development.

These challenges could range from:-

  • Migration from Microcontroller based design to SoM based design
  • Selection of the right SoM for product development, keeping in view various factors like Long term availability, Scalability, Cost, etc..
  • Custom Carrier board development, which usually takes 6 months of development time and effort, for the complete board to be useful for Production.
  • Identifying the right drivers for all the peripherals and interfaces.
  • Software customizations.
  • Certifications to comply with various market requirements.
system on module custom carrier board development

We support customers in their SoM based product development, with our services and products.

Why Serobit?

  • We are focusing on resolving customer problems and not what we want to sell.
  • Our target customers are those companies who are using SOM in their products.
  • With a combined experience of more than two decades in the embedded industry, we help companies identify their design challenges and resolve them.

What is our long term vision?

We want to make adopting SoM for any product development as easy as a cakewalk.